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Primary schools

Fire safety and prevention education programme

We teach our safety messages in such a way that the pupils understand the importance of fire safety without becoming worried or frightened. Normally, we carry out school visits for year 2 and year 5 children, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to do this at the moment.

Online resources for primary schools

We have lots of resources for primary school children, many of which are suitable for teaching both at home or at school.

Video resources for primary schools

We have created bespoke 'virtual classroom' videos for Key Stage 1 (KS1), supplied with a full lesson plan and support tasks for each. If you would like to access the video and teaching resources please email

Video 1 - Fire safety in the home (KS1)decorative

  • What could start a fire in the home
  • Never play with matches and lighters
  • The dangers of fire
  • The feelings you might have if a situation feels unsafe

Video 2 - How the fire service helps us

  • The different jobs of the fire service
  • The dangers of smoke
  • Importance of smoke alarms

Video 3 - What to do in an emergency?

  • The number to dial in an emergency
  • The other emergency services
  • What to do if your clothes catch fire



Primary school resources (years 2, 3 and 4)

Watch the video or presentation for each activity and then complete our worksheets.

Staying safe outdoors

Staying safe indoors

How to stop, drop and roll

Smoke alarms

Bedtime safety routines and fire escape plans

Making a 999 call

Staying safe on the roads

Colouring activities

School visits for Year 2 - Key Stage 1

Children aged 5 to 7 learn about what the fire service does and how they help us. They learn about common fire hazards around the home, how to keep their homes safe from fire and to never play with matches and lighters. It teaches them how dangerous smoke can be and the importance of smoke alarms. We also talk about what to do if their clothes catch fire and how to call 999.

We are unable to offer school visits at the moment, but we have created bespoke 'virtual classroom' videos for Key Stage 1, supplied with a full lesson plan and support tasks for each.

School visits for Year 5 - Key Stage 2

This session for older children goes into more detail; it looks at prevention, choices of behaviour and consequences. We look at how destructive fire can be to communities, property and people. We will talk about the difference between safe and unsafe fires. We will further emphasise the importance of smoke alarms, how to make sure they are working and what to do if they are not. We talk about how to make fire escape plans from homes, how to prevent a fire starting and revise when and how to make a 999 call.

We hope to re-start fire safety talks for year 5 in the second half of the Spring Term and you will be contacted by our Education Team to book these visits.



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