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Great Fire of London - Key Stage 1

We have created these resources to help support teacher delivery of the Great Fire of London.


  • To understand how the fire started
  • To understand what factors made the fire spread
  • To understand what equipment people used to fight the fire and how effective it was
  • To understand how the modern fire service works and how this has affected fighting fires now

An important safety note: As with most fire services across the country, we strongly discourage any sort of re-enactment of the Great Fire of London involving burning models. These active displays are not only a fire risk, but they also promote dangerous fire setting behaviour to children.

Other websites that support delivery of the Great Fire of London

School visits

We cannot offer school visits from fire crews, or school visits to fire stations for any aspect of the Great Fire of London scheme of work.

If you would like a fire safety talk for Key Stage 1 pupils, including the Great Fire of London topic, please contact

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