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Electric blanket safety

To help you stay safe and warm this winter we recommend that you follow these simple steps when purchasing, using and storing your electric blanket.

You can read this information or download our leaflet (PDF), with our top tips for keeping you safe when using an electric blanket.

If your blanket is more than 10 years old, you should consider disposing of it and buying a new one.

Choosing an electric blanket

When choosing an electric blanket:

  • buy a new blanket from a reputable retailer
  • look for a UK Safety standard mark. A certification mark will mean that the blanket has been independently tested and meets the latest UK and European safety standards

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  • Don't be tempted to buy secondhand blankets. Tthey may not be safe and you cannot be sure that they comply with current safety requirements

Using your blanket

Please follow this advice:-



  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before use
  • Remember to keep the instructions in a safe place for future reference
  • Examine your blanket regularly for signs of damage and wear
  • Use the blanket only for the purpose the manufacturer intended, i.e.
  • Over- blankets must only be positioned above the occupant of the bed
  • Under-blankets must only be positioned under the occupant of the bed
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions for suitability to wash your blanket


  • Use the blanket whilst it is still folded or creased
  • Use a hot water bottle at the same time as using your electric blanket
  • Touch the blanket with wet hands or feet
  • Use the blanket if it is wet or damp - never switch it on to dry it out
  • Insert or use pins to hold the blanket in place on the bed
  • Keep your blanket switched on over-night unless it has a thermostatic control and is designed to be left on over this period

Danger signs to look out for

Your blanket should be replaced if you notice any of the following:

  • The fabric is worn or frayed
  • There are scorch marks anywhere
  • Wires are visible poking through the fabric
  • There is damage to the flexi cord
  • There are any loose connections
  • The control is making a buzzing sound when switched on and/or is giving off a smell
  • It displays the old Safety Mark

image of an old kite mark

Storing your blanket

  • Leave the blanket on the bed all year round or place it flat on a spare bed
  • Let the blanket cool down before storing
  • To store your blanket, roll it up and keep in a dry place
  • Have your blanket checked by a qualified electrician at least every three years, or as recommended by the manufacturers instructions


  • Place any heavy objects on top of the blanket whilst it is being stored to avoid creasing
  • Use any moth proofing chemicals



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