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Press Release - Thank you messages 2019
Posted on 23/12/2019

We receive lovely thank you messages throughout the year from members of the public who have been helped by our staff. These are just a few of the messages we received in 2019.

It’s always lovely to hear how our staff have helped you. If you would like to send a thank you message of your own, you can email us via

Thank you for showing my little boy the fire engine

“My 3 year old little boy was so excited that he got to go on a real life fire engine. He is absolutely obsessed with them. One of the firefighters was absolutely fantastic with him after they looked worried they wouldn’t know what to do after I told him that my son is Non-Verbal Autistic, but after literally 30 seconds they were showing him the computer and how to work it, speaking to him like they would anyone else. Through the power of social media I found out that this lovely fireman was Patrick and I and my son would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to him and the others for making his absolute day please.”

Thank you for helping to save my daughter’s house

“Thank you for everything you did for my daughter’s house fire. You do a brilliant job and all the family it devastated and it’s frightening that a shed in the garden can destroy your life. The most important thing is everyone got out without injuries! Luckily I had toddler Freddie for the night! His bedroom went up so quick.

We are a private family so I am writing this for everyone please, please, put up fire alarms in the house and buy some for family’s houses we did and saved our daughter’s life.”

Thank you for helping with my medical emergency

“I was being driven as a passenger in a car driven by an ex naval colleague when I suffered a loss of consciousness leaving the Parkway at the Devonport slip road. My colleague, thinking I was experiencing a heart attack, drove me straight into the forecourt of the Camel’s Head Fire Station and summoned assistance. The next recollection I had was being ministered to by Green Watch - who I understand are managed by Jason Keveren.

When I regained consciousness I was already being administered oxygen and was immediately being assessed for a possible stroke. When satisfied that there was little else they could do at this juncture, they summoned a paramedic who arrived soon afterwards.

I have since been discharged from hospital, diagnosis yet to be confirmed (but not a stroke fortunately), and would like to express my gratitude to Green Watch for their prompt and efficient response.”

Thank you for rescuing me

“I would like to thank the Tavistock team (officer in charge WM Arundel) for all their efficiency and professionalism when I was rescued out of NT Lydford Gorge.  There were many people involved but I especially appreciated the help of the mechanic (sorry, I don't recall his name) which was very reassuring in my time of crisis.”

Thank you for rescuing my pony

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to the crew from Glastonbury Fire Station who attended in the first instance together with the specialist crew from Bridgwater, who rescued my pony Blossom after she fell into a deep waterlogged rhyne in her field.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for their skill and expertise and total professionalism, they are such a great asset within our community, we are so lucky to have them.”

Thank you for helping the ambulance crew

“I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank for you all you help at an incident in Torquay. Your help was invaluable in extracting the patient, all of the Firefighters remained professional throughout consulting each other and the Ambulance crews to come up with a plan to get her out in the best was possible.”

Thank you for helping after my dad was attacked

“My dad was in Exeter and was attacked by some men in his car with my two children in the back. I just want to say thank you to the firefighters that happened to be passing at the time.

They went straight to my boys (who are 3 and 8) to distract them and make sure they were ok. My youngest came home with a rugby ball from one of you that he loves!!

It was just luck you happened to be there but you made the situation a whole lot better for my boys. Thankfully my dad is ok and just a few cuts to his face.

Thank you for what you did, there are some horrible people around but you proved to them that there are a lot more good!!”

Thank you for your careful driving

“I want to let you know about a brilliant piece of considerate driving shown by drivers of a fire engine. I am so grateful, and impressed, by the actions of the driver I felt I must write to say thank you.  By taking the time to allow my horse to proceed safely means next time we encounter a large vehicle he will not be spooked or have a bad experience of something whizzing past him or hanging behind his tail and be scared.  So often we encounter poor driving where people pass us closely or at high speed, or both. I hope you are able to locate the drivers of this vehicle and pass on my thanks.”

Thank you for rescuing our dog

We would like to convey our thanks for the rescue of our old collie dog this Sunday.

Our dog, Tally, who is rather old, pretty deaf and blind, fell into the stream.  We are both pensioners, and hadn’t the strength to rescue her. In desperation, we called the DS Fire Service. Within minutes, a fire officer arrived and retrieved her. No harm was done.

Your officer was wonderful. My wife was crying and in rather a state. When he arrived, he immediately put his arm around her and comforted her. We are so very grateful to the DSFRS.

Thank you for saving our wedding day

“Could you pass on please, both to the crew and to the bosses in their offices, my thanks to the Hatherleigh team that came to Buckland House early on Saturday morning to deal with the after effects of a small fire we had foolishly allowed to occur by hanging a light bulb against a curtain.

We had rented the house for a wedding that had been almost years in the planning and which was due to take place a couple of hours later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE TIMING WAS NOT GOOD!!  Had the house burned down, there would have been no wedding.

The crew were magnificent.  10/10.  They didn't make us feel stupid for our mistake.  They checked everything and made us feel safe.  They ventilated the house to clear the smoke and carbon monoxide and to make it more comfortable for the reception.  They entertained small boys hanging around their shiny red fire engine - without irritation!  They were generally very kind and caring and a tribute to their service.  Local stations such as theirs are a fantastic asset and to be treasured.

So, very happy clients all told.  (Do pass on to them too that we took their advice about the candles in the woods.)”

Thank you for showing my son around the fire station

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the guys at Greenbank Fire Station. I went today with my son as he is obsessed with Fire Engines, I wasn’t expecting anything just to simply have a sneaky look through the doors however one of the firefighters spotted us, opened the doors and offered for him to have a look around and have a look at the hose. Caleb was in his element and couldn’t believe his luck, he did not want to leave. We watched them leave through the front doors and I haven’t heard the end of it all day. We came straight home and played firefighters. They really made his day, week, year and I can’t thank them enough.” 

Thank you, I don’t know how you do this everyday

“I just wanted to say God Bless You and a very Big THANK YOU to all of the emergency services people who attended the incident in Sidbury today. As one of the first people on the scene, and knowing the stories that I have taken my students to listen to at Learn2Live, I really did not know what to expect when I pulled back the airbag to see how I could help the driver. I don’t know how you do that every day! You are all amazing and a blessing to our community. I know this was just one of 50 call outs that happened at the same time, so I wish you all a very calm and peaceful Christmas season.”

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