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Press Release - Fire Service increase their intake of on-call firefighters by 100%
Posted on 26/03/2019

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service launched their recruitment campaign last summer, which has proved to be a huge success. In the past year they have seen an increase in male applications by 112% and female applications by 26%. This has led to practical assessment days being held on the 3rd Saturday of every month with up to 25 applicants. On some occasions with additional days added to cope with the number of applicants.

The recruitment campaign includes real-life stories from on-call firefighters, giving an insight into what the role entails and what recruits can expect. The modern firefighter from Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service responds to a range of incidents throughout the two counties and they are required to be highly trained and professionally with a mix of skills, knowledge, personal qualities, backgrounds and experience.

The communities Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service serve are as diverse as the situations they tackle and knowing and understanding those communities is an essential part of the job.

Applications 2017

Applications 2018


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Statistics for On-call firefighter’s applications in 2018 compared with 2017

On Call Development Manager, Rob Cude explained: "This campaign has been designed to bust some of the myths around being a firefighter and highlight role models from all kinds of backgrounds. A career in the fire service can be highly rewarding, and we wanted this campaign to attract people who may not otherwise have considered this opportunity."

Two new on-call firefighters

Firefighter’s Lili and Owen from Bridgwater Fire Station have both just completed their 12 day core skills training course this March and are now starting their on-call journey.

Firefighter Owen explained:  "I've always wanted to work in an emergency service, since I was a young teenager. I wasn't sure what, but I wanted to wear the uniform and be part of something bigger than myself. Being part of the 999 Academy helped me make my decision. I knew that I wanted to go down the path of firefighting because of the work we did with the fire service. The recruitment process was long, but in the end worth it. Now I’m training for the job that I always wanted is the best feeling ever!"

Firefighter Lili said: 'I joined initially because I was really interested in everything about the fire service, but I also wanted to challenge myself out of my comfort zone."

Would you like to ‘Have a Go’ at being an On-Call firefighter?

Throughout March and April, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service are running ‘Have a Go’ events for everyone interested in being an On-Call firefighter.

These events will give a real overview of the role, including information on what your time commitment would be, as well as the strength and fitness expectations required.

Recruitment and Retention Officer, Caroline Anderson explained: "Being an On-Call firefighter is a big commitment. But being in a team of likeminded people, learning life skills you never expected to, is both rewarding and fun.  Why wouldn't you want to be paid to help your community, it's probably the best job in the world!"  

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