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Press Release - How much would you be prepared to pay for the fire service?
Posted on 15/11/2018

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority has ambitious plans to reduce fire and rescue emergencies while addressing the Government’s requirement to make savings.

The public can help with these plans by telling us how much you would be prepared to pay for the fire service through your council tax and how satisfied you are with the service we provide.

We provide 85 local fire stations across Devon and Somerset and employ about 2,000 staff, helping to keep a population of 1.7 million safe. On average, we attend about 17,500 incidents every year. These include flooding, road traffic collisions, fires and other emergencies.
The total cost of running Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service equates to approximately £42 a year per head of the population. The current charge is £84.01 a year for a Band ‘D’ property.

Over the last few years, the Government has reduced the funding provided for the fire and rescue service and this will continue. By 2022, we will need to reduce our costs by at least £7.7 million.

Our vision is to end preventable fire and rescue emergencies. Our Integrated Risk Management Plan and Fire and Rescue Plan set out how we will respond to the current and future risks our communities face.

The online consultation survey is available here and the deadline is 21 December 2018.

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