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Press Release - Fire service warning after spate of deliberate fires
Posted on 12/10/2018

The latest in a series of deliberate fires in Frome has led fire officers to issue a warning about the dangers posed by people starting fires on purpose.

There have been around 50 deliberate fires in Frome so far this year (including fires started deliberately but without criminal intent, such as bonfires out of control).

While many of them have involved wheelie bins or rubbish and have been contained by firefighters, several of the incidents had the potential to have a more serious impact if they had been left to spread.

In the latest incident on the morning of 8 October, a small rubbish fire was started close to a vehicle in which a man was sleeping.

Station Manager Jamie Dickenson said: “Fires started deliberately can be particularly dangerous because they generally develop much faster. Fires started in bins or on open ground can spread to properties or vehicles near-by and put people’s lives at risk.

“The Service works closely with the police and always seeks to prosecute those people who have started fires deliberately. We are asking members of the public to be vigilant and keep all flammable goods well and securely stored.”

Most of the incidents are in the area of the following streets:

• Orchard Street
• Castle Street
• Selwood Road
• Baker Street
• Badcox
• Catherine Street

Fire crews have put up signs asking for information about the arsonists and have issued the following advice to reduce the chances of arson occurring:

• make sure you regularly remove all combustible rubbish from gardens and driveways
• keep bins in a secure place and only put them out on the day of collection
• do not place bins adjacent to buildings or vehicles

Anyone with information regarding deliberate fires can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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