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Press Release - Take care with bonfires in dry weather
Posted on 19/07/2018

The Service is advising people to take extra care when having a bonfire during this period of prolonged dry weather.

Fires can spread more quickly when the ground is so dry. If you are having a bonfire, to get rid of garden waste or as part of a celebration, follow our simple tips to make sure you, your property and others are safe.

Building a bonfire

• Only burn dry material. Damp material causes more smoke
• Build the bonfire away from sheds, fences and trees
• Check there are no cables, like telephone wires, above the bonfire
• Don’t use petrol or paraffin to get the fire going, it may get out of control quickly.

Bonfire safety tips

Once the bonfire is lit, make sure you:

• keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby, in case of emergencies
• don’t leave the bonfire unattended
• keep children and pets away from the bonfire
• don’t throw any fireworks into the fire
• don’t burn aerosols, tyres, canisters or anything containing foam or paint, many produce toxic fumes and some containers may explode, causing injury.
• spray the embers with water (once the bonfire has died down) to stop it re-igniting.

For information on how to report a neighbour’s nuisance bonfire, look at your local council’s website. Please note that bonfires usually have to be happening regularly to be considered a nuisance.

If you are concerned that a bonfire is getting out of control, call 999.

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