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Press Release - Fire service warning after spate of deliberate fires
Posted on 19/07/2018

Fire and police officers are working together following a spate of deliberate fires near retail shops in Glastonbury and Street.

Several of the incidents had the potential to have a more serious impact if they had been left to spread.

The incidents were as follows:

  • Rubbish set alight deliberately in the entrance to a hotel, Glastonbury, on 4 July at 6.53am, causing damage to the front door. Crews had to work quickly to extinguish and cut away the remains of the fire in order to prevent fire spread to the rest of the derelict property.
  • A bin was deliberately set alight on Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury, on 26 June at 5.45am.
  • Rubbish was set alight behind a supermarket in Glastonbury on 17 June at 8.54pm. Crews worked quickly to extinguish the fire but it had spread to grass and had the potential to spread to nearby properties.
  • A large skip was set alight near a pub on Benedict Street, Glastonbury, on 4 June at 3.50am. Arrival found a large skip well alight underneath the pub. Crews found the skip alight on arrival and extinguished the fire using compressed air foam. The property suffered from fire and smoke damage and residents were able to evacuate due to the sounding of the fire alarm giving early warning of the fire.
  • Two commercial bins were set alight near a fast food restaurant at Wirral Park, Glastonbury, on 3 June at 1.45am. Crews had to extinguish the fire with compressed air foam to prevent further damage to the buildings.
  • A wheelie bin containing waste materials was set alight at the rear of a bookmakers, High Street, on 17 June at 1.52am. Crews had to extinguish the fire using a hose reel jet and check for fire spread to the property. 
  • There was a second fire near a supermarket, West End, at 1.30am on 20 June.  Roll cages containing cardboard were set alight causing fire damage to electrical cables and the flat roof. Crews put out the fire using extinguishers, a hose reel jet and small tools were used to check for fire spread.

Watch Managers Chris Higgins from Street and Adam Whitcombe from Glastonbury said: “Fires started deliberately can be particularly dangerous because they generally develop much faster. Fires started in bins or on open ground can spread to properties or vehicles near-by and put people’s lives, homes and businesses at risk.

“The Service works closely with the police and always seeks to prosecute those people who have started fires deliberately.

“We are asking shops’ management teams and members of the public to be vigilant and keep all flammable goods securely stored.”

Measures to reduce the chances of arson occurring include the following:

  • keep bins and waste in a secure place and only put them out on the day of collection if possible
  • do not place bins adjacent to buildings or vehicles
  • Members of public should take items to charity shops when the shop is open to reduce the risk during the night.

Anyone with information regarding deliberate fires can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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